Friday, October 25, 2013

Thanks for all the goodies!

Book donations...The other day, I walked into the book shed where we sort and pack books, DVD/CDs, tapes and records for the January and Summer Book Sales, thinking I had a few spare minutes to help out.  I did a double-take:  plastic bins, cardboard boxes, and paper bags were piled high, and three hours later, just as I was down to the last book, in came yet another bag full!
Our Brown Library Friends certainly know how to answer a call!  Last month we mentioned here and in our newsletter that we needed more book donations to make our biggest fundraiser of the year the great success it always has been, and since then, you've responded generously.  Keep them coming!  As much work as it means for Ginny Warren, Katie Lake, Bettyanne Dicken and the other volunteer sorters and packers, we heartily thank you

Volunteering...If you'd like to volunteer to help with the January sale, be sure to find Nancy Nash (946-7963), our volunteer coordinator, between now and early January.  She will be glad to add your name to the long list of old- and new-timers who have come out to make the Washington Civic Center a veritable book treasure hunt.  All you have to know is the alphabet!

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